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Best Games Similar to FarmVille 3

Best Games Similar to FarmVille 3

FarmVille is a game that is set in the fictional country of Farmville. This game is about running a farm. You can up grow plants, harvest plants, purchase animals, and even raise animals.


Spore is an action-adventure game with strategy and simulation elements. The goal of the game is to evolve a creature from a cell into a multi-cellular organism, and then a space-faring civilization. The player does this by managing a creature's life cycle, including gathering food and consuming other creatures.

The Sims Social

In The Sims Social, players create a character that lives in a custom-built house with a group of other Sims. Players can customize their Sims, visiting each other's houses, and going on various quests.


In CityVille, players manage a city by building structures, planting crops, and hiring workers. Players can also send their Sims to a friend's city to help them collect items and complete tasks.


In Frontierville, players create a character and build a town by completing quests, planting crops, and building structures. Players can also trade items with friends, and visit their friends' towns.

My Sims

In My Sims, players create a small town and fill it with a diverse selection of Sims. Players can also create a community and a vacation destination.

27 Dec 2021