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FarmVille 3 Game

FarmVille 3
  • Developer: Zynga
  • Genre: Simulators
  • Version: 1.13.21377
User Rating: Rating 4.48

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Release Date
Jul 17, 2019
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Download FarmVille 3 Game for Windows PC

Scarlett Lewis

FarmVille 3 is  third installment in popular farming game series. Software continues tradition of farming, harvesting crops,  decorating their farm with items they collect through game. Person can buy animals and crops, harvest crops. Players can collect items from animals and crops. Persons can trade with other players and visit neighbors to trade as well as explore map. Users can craft items and cook food. Player can create their own custom items. Software FarmVille 3 PC is divided in two sections, in the first one persons can interact with other players to trade goods, in second part player can create layout of farm, plant crops, interact with animals. These two sections are linked to each other, in order to complete farm in second section, user must buy certain items from first section.


Graphics in FarmVille 3 download PC are not much better than in past game in series. They are not worse, however, focus of product is not on graphics. Graphics are not too high quality, but they are good enough for type of game. Farm looks realistic and detailed. Animals look realistic and detailed. Crops look realistic and detailed. Graphics of FarmVille 3 Windows download soft are not spectacular, animations, movements in software is not realistic. There are some in-game features that allow for some person interaction and creativity in soft. Graphics are colorful and design is creative. Software has a variety of items to use, such as crops, flowers, trees, bushes.


Gameplay in play FarmVille 3 is divided into two main aspects: farming and decorating. Players must farm to make money to decorate their farm. Players can buy packs of seeds to plant in their fields. They can buy livestock to harvest with, which is more difficult but more profitable. Persons can buy items with money they earn in product. Gameplay download FarmVille 3 is repetitive and player has to spend many of time (more info is available on just harvesting crops, tending to animals. User can spend a lot of time just chatting with other persons and exploring map, but there is no need to do so. Gameplay is what you would expect from a city building game. You need to build your farm, explore, upgrade your farm, complete quests. You have to expand your farm by buying properties to farm on. The game is casual, so it is easy to play for long periods of time.


Multiplayer in free download FarmVille 3 is not much different than in past game in series. Persons can visit their friends' farms to help them with their crops, buy crops from each other, trade items. Multiplayer is a major aspect of software, but it is repetitive. It is repetitive because user has to spend a lot of time just harvesting crops and tending to animals.


Software FarmVille 3 free download is not very replayable. Product is fun for a few days when players are first introduced to it, but it gets old quickly. There is a lot of replayability because player has a lot of customization. Player can spend a lot of time exploring map and chatting with other players.


  • Will FarmVille 3 play be available for Android?
    No, it is only available for iOS devices.
  • How do I play FarmVille 3?
    Players can log on to or use app on their smartphones.
  • How do the animals work in game?
    To get animals, you'll need to visit market to buy or win them. You can buy animal feed from market to feed your animals.


Overall, FarmVille 3 game play is a free-to-play city-building simulation game for iOS and Android devices. Graphics of software are not spectacular and animations and movements in soft is not realistic. Gameplay includes user selecting a player and starts playing in a farm with a number of farm plots, a barn, a chicken coop, pigsty. User has option to add more structures, make relationships with other players, buy, sell goods in in-game market. There is not a multiplayer option in soft. Software is not very replayable and has a limited number of buildings and buildings that can be constructed and owned.


  • Career mode;
  • More to do;
  • Build your own farm.


  • Expensive;
  • Only 12 items.

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